Music Till Dawn on WEEI

Wed Feb 27 20:22:12 EST 2008

  Dan.Strassberg wrote:
>Was Mac still living when 1510 moved to 111 Broadway? Is that section
>of downtown called Bay Village? Around the corner from 57 Park Plaza
>and across the street from the magnificent Milner Hotel? If Mac was
>still living when 1510 moved there, I'm pretty sure that he must not
>have been by the time they moved away.

I think WMEX moved to 111 Broadway sometime in 1965, so Mac would 
definitely have been alive and in charge.  Not exactly sure when they 
moved out, but it was sometime between 1978 and 1981 (I'm sure of 
this because they donated any equipment left behind to WTBS/WMBR, and 
I helped move it as I was the only station member who had a truck). 

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