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If no prospective buyers have materialized, it's because the asking
price is too high. Guaranteed, when the price comes down enough,
somebody will be interested. 890 is too good a facility to stay dark
for very long. Heck, Davidson, the owner of 1510, ought to be
interested. If nothing else, he could sell 1510 and buy 890; the
operating costs have to be lower and the revenue potential is about
the same. And what about Eddie Andelman? He wanted to buy 1510 a while

I can't recall what J-Sports paid for 890. Actually, it was 890 plus
1400; Mega sold them as a package. This time, they might be split up;
Costa could well want 1400 but not 890. If we knew the last selling
price and could get the new one, we would have some sort of benchmark
on how much AM stick values have declined in what? five years? (Kind
of like saying, if we had eggs, we could have ham and eggs for
breakfast--if we had ham.)

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Speaking of sports radio, WEEI's mostly-syndie, sometimes-local
competition at AM 890 (WAMG) might
not last too much longer. Boston Sports Media watch says their sales
director was laid
off and probably won't be replaced; the lease on their building
expires soon, and no
possible buyer has been reported. Would Disney step in to keep ESPN
alive locally?


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