Music Till Dawn on WEEI
Mon Feb 25 00:09:49 EST 2008

OK we know politics played a major role in what stations got favorable
channel assignments. NBC Westinghouse and GE especially were taken
care of.

Directional patterns arrived in the early 30's after the the test on
620 that involved Milwaukee and Tampa.

When did the government then start to calculate patterns across the
board? How did established who got clear channels?

Obviously it was no accident that NY and Chicago were assigned
adjacent clear channels. 660 670, 710 720, 770 780, 880 890  for

CBC got all the Canadian clears with the exception of French 730 in
Montreal which was one of the few private broadcasters allowed to beam
south. Marconi's CFCF really got hosed considering they were perhaps
the first station in North America with a license.

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