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Part of WNAC's problems were self-inflicted, though. In those days,
two-site AM operations were VERY rare, so it probably never occurred
to anyone that WNAC might operate ND days from, say, Wellington
Circle, which, because of its central location, is the best AM site in
metro Boston from which to operate ND. At night, WNAC was pretty much
forced to operate from a site south of Boston because it had to
protect what was then WOL, a co-channel station in Washington DC. Back
in the '30s, however, from its Quincy location, WNAC COULD have
directionalized by day as well as by night. That would have improved
its daytime coverage of most of metro Boston at the expense of some
reduction in its daytime coverage of the South Shore. Interestingly,
WNAC's neighbor in N Quincy, WMEX, operated DA-1 with a pattern quite
similar to WNAC's night pattern. In those days, WMEX's problems
weren't so much with its daytime signal but rather, its 5 kW
directional nighttime signal wasn't adequate to overcome the potent
first-adjacent skywaves on 1500 and 1520. WNAC didn't have significant
nighttime first-adjacent problems back then, though. However, not long
after WWII, the situation changed, first with 1270 on the NH seacoast
and then with1250 in Manchester hemming it in to the north by day. The
addition of those stations was probably the last straw for the
ownership, which by that time had probably shifted to Genral Tire. I
believe that it was General that came up with the even better idea of
buying WLAW, moving WNAC to 680, and selling the 1260 facility. That
move took place around 1953 or 1954.

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>I have a question that has puzzled me for years. How the heck did
> wind up with such a lousy dial position and signal? They got shafted
> being sent to 1260. Did Shepherd have problems with Washington?

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