Music Till Dawn on WEEI

Doug Drown
Sat Feb 23 17:03:42 EST 2008

This raises a good question.  To my knowledge --- correct me if I'm 
wrong --- ALL of CBS' O&Os were 50 kw stations except WEEI.  Why didn't CBS 
ever try to change that situation?  For example, they might have tried to 
buy WHDH (with WHDH-TV thrown in for good measure).  Was such a move ever 
considered?  Seems to me it would have been smart strategically.


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> I'm pretty sure that, at some point, Music 'Till Dawn was on WBZ. Most
> of the CBS O&Os were 50 kW (WCBS, WCAU, WTOP, WCCO. KMOX, KCBS, KNX),
> but the old WEEI 590 was not. American Airlines loved those big
> skywave signals and when they got the chance, they moved the Boston
> show to, arguably, the biggest nighttime signal of all (in the US).
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>>I just did I search on 'Music Till Dawn' on google. It appears the
>> started on the CBS owned stations in 1953 and was sponsored by
>> American
>> Airlines. It was unusual as it had a classical format. It appears
>> that it
>> also showed up in some markets on non CBS stations. It lasted until
>> 1970
>> when CBS then pulled the plug at WCBS to go to all news.

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