Music Till Dawn on WEEI

Sat Feb 23 16:47:56 EST 2008

I'm pretty sure that, at some point, Music 'Till Dawn was on WBZ. Most
of the CBS O&Os were 50 kW (WCBS, WCAU, WTOP, WCCO. KMOX, KCBS, KNX),
but the old WEEI 590 was not. American Airlines loved those big
skywave signals and when they got the chance, they moved the Boston
show to, arguably, the biggest nighttime signal of all (in the US).

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>I just did I search on 'Music Till Dawn' on google. It appears the
> started on the CBS owned stations in 1953 and was sponsored by
> American
> Airlines. It was unusual as it had a classical format. It appears
> that it
> also showed up in some markets on non CBS stations. It lasted until
> 1970
> when CBS then pulled the plug at WCBS to go to all news.

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