Scary news about the analog TV phaseout!

David Moisan
Fri Feb 1 21:13:04 EST 2008

I'm in an urban apartment 15 mi NE of the Needham towers.  I have a hard time getting ATSC signals, but analog signals are even worse.  I get WBZ, WCVB, WHDH, WGBH and WGBX in ATSC on most days.  I only get WHDH in analog and poorly at that.  Then again, there are trees planted outside my window.)  ATSC doesn't require as much S/N as NTSC for a good signal, about 16 dB vs. 25-30 dB or so for analog.  The killer for ATSC is multipath ("ghosts").

Roof antennas would be fabulous for digital if they were in good shape and not too many big features nearby.

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