Scary news about the analog TV phaseout!

Fri Feb 1 18:57:10 EST 2008

  Doug Drown wrote:
>Well, it may sound hysterical, but there's a lot of truth to it.  I live in
>a very rural area in one of the poorest counties of Maine.  A lot of our
>senior citizens have only roof antennas, and some of them live on very
>meager fixed incomes.  It's hard to argue with the assertion that buying a
>converter box won't be a financial burden to them.  I don't know of any
>program around here in which help will be offered.  -Doug

How does digital tv range compare with analog?  Where I live in 
northern N.H. we receive one semi-watchable channel (WCAX from 
Burlington).  Even with a large rooftop antenna and booster amp, 
reception is kinda snowy at times.  Watchable, but I'm concerned that 
the signal is below the threshold for digital reception.  Can't seem 
to get a straight answer on whether or not I'll be able to receive 
the digital signal.  I'd imagine others in rural areas have the same problem. 

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