CBS Selling off 50 Stations

Garrett Wollman
Sun Aug 3 13:12:17 EDT 2008

<<On Sun, 3 Aug 2008 08:32:53 -0400, "Alan Tolz" <> said:

> Re: Hartford, why wouldn't Buckley or Marlin, who each own stand alone FM's 
> make a play for either some or all of the CBS stations and WURH?

It's pretty difficult for anyone to raise capital these days, and both
Buckley and Marlin are pretty small, cash-lean operations.  (What
could Buckley do, turn around and sell Bakersfield?)  There do look to
be some VC people out there with money burning holes in their pockets,
but I think you'd still have to buying the CBS stations at fire-sale
prices to make that work.  (And I don't think that's a deal Buckley
would do, as it would mean giving up control of the company.  As for
Marlin, you would know better than we, if their November, 2007,
ownership report is to be believed.)


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