CBS Selling off 50 Stations

Sun Aug 3 09:56:00 EDT 2008

  David Tomm wrote:
>It won't affect Boston, but Hartford will surely be sold.  They
>currently have four stations in the Insurance City, and all of them
>are in the Top 5 12+.  They include news/talk WTIC, Mainstream AC
>WRCH, Hot AC WTIC-FM and Rhythmic WZMX.  With the national radio
>market being saturated with unsold stations, most radio groups
>bottoming out on stock price and the lending crunch, I can't CBS
>getting top dollar for these properties, even though they are the
>most successful in the state.

Is it etched in stone that markets below a certain ranking will be 
sold, or is this just speculation?  Seems to me that if you have a 
successful cluster in a mid-sized market you might want to hang on to 
it and unload a dog in a larger one.  Clear Channel hung on to their 
Manchester & Portsmouth properties when they began to shed stations, 
even though neither market is in the top 100 (Manchester is barely in 
the top 200). 

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