CBS Selling off 50 Stations

Alan Tolz
Sun Aug 3 08:32:53 EDT 2008

Re: Hartford, why wouldn't Buckley or Marlin, who each own stand alone FM's 
make a play for either some or all of the CBS stations and WURH?
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> It won't affect Boston, but Hartford will surely be sold.  They  currently 
> have four stations in the Insurance City, and all of them  are in the Top 
> 5 12+.  They include news/talk WTIC, Mainstream AC  WRCH, Hot AC WTIC-FM 
> and Rhythmic WZMX.  With the national radio  market being saturated with 
> unsold stations, most radio groups  bottoming out on stock price and the 
> lending crunch, I can't CBS  getting top dollar for these properties, even 
> though they are the  most successful in the state.
> Some group could land a bargain there, if they can get the financing 
> together.  I doubt that Citadel will be a player and Clear Channel  has 
> stations there already.  That cluster may be too much for a  smaller group 
> like Regent or Nassau to finance in this economy.  This  would be a great 
> market for Entercom or Greater Media to enter.  Cox  has stations in New 
> Haven and on Long Island, so adding Hartford  would seem to make sense for 
> them as well.
> Those four signals aren't the only ones on the block right now. 
> Alternative WURH, currently owned by Clear Channel, has to be spun  off as 
> part of the company going private and is currently in a  trust.  That's a 
> signal I could easily see a Univision or SBS picking  up and taking 
> Spanish.  It will be interesting to see who buys these  all stations and 
> if it means a lot of changes in the market going  forward.
> -Dave Tomm
> "Mike Thomas"
> On Aug 2, 2008, at 10:04 PM, Brian Vita wrote:
>> I'm surprised that no one commented on the news story yesterday  about 
>> CBS'
>> decision to sell off 50 of their stations.

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