Could I get an opinion?

A. Joseph Ross
Sat Aug 2 00:34:34 EDT 2008

On 1 Aug 2008 at 0:31, Garrett Wollman wrote:

> But there are very, very few things on which the world has unanimous
> agreement.  Perhaps none.  That doesn't mean you can't, or shouldn't,
> apply your own standards -- but it does mean that you can't expect
> others to have the same standards as you do.  (And particularly in
> today's hypercapitalist, globalized society, for good or for ill, some
> people's standards go no deeper than "Will it make me a buck?" and
> "Will I end up in court over it?")

I must say, I'm rather glad to see some celebrities suing over 
paparazzi and other abuses by the celebrity magazines.

On the other hand, Groucho Marx once took care of one such magazine.  
He wrote to the editor, "Gentlemen?  If you continue to write nasty 
pieces about me, I shall be obliged to cancel my subscription."

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