Early Red Sox and Braves TV history

Kevin Vahey kvahey@comcast.net
Fri Aug 1 01:48:04 EDT 2008

I heard a story about Victor from a newswriter at channel 4 back around 1970.

Best had been admonished by management for not smiling more during the
news. That same evening he comes on with a broad smile and announces
many children had been killed when a commuter train hit a schoolbus
(this would be in the 50's) Shortly afterwards Arch was doing the news
again followed by Jim Jensen.

Funny I have far more memories of channel 4 than 7. I dimly recall an
older gentleman who did a kids show on WNAC in the afternoon but I
recall little. For some reason the name Frank Bucannon (sic) comes to

News I dimly recall Roy Leonard and Dave Rodman and my mother watching
Louise Morgan.

WNAC did a horrible job locally in the 50's

On 7/31/08, Donna Halper <dlh@donnahalper.com> wrote:
>>Kevin wrote--
>>Jack Chase saved his job by donning a toupee.
> And a really bad toupee it was... some of the guys who wore a "rug"
> really looked like they were wearing one. (Upton Bell comes to
> mind.)  I'm glad hairpieces look more natural today. 8-)

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