The Bright Lights Of Downtown Lawrence

Thomas Whetston
Sun Apr 6 19:53:10 EDT 2008

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Subject: The Bright Lights Of Downtown Lawrence

>Here,I was, driving north on route 93 Saturdaay night, and I remembered 
>Chris and friends were supposed to be putting WLLH-AM 1400's Lawrence
>transmitter back on-the-air.
>considering the lack of amenities on Essex Street in Lawrence on weekends, 
>do they go to eat during lunch breaks...Lawton's?

As far away as humanly possible, when I was a lowly partimer in the 80s, the
back door facing the parking lot would never close correctly.  So since 
there was heat
and benches inside we'd have the opportunity to meet a lot of the downtown 

It was the only place I ever worked where big guys would ask if I'd walk 
them to their

Lawrence was always an adventure.  I've seen many 3rd world *holes and it 
was one.

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