The Bright Lights Of Downtown Lawrence

Roger Kirk
Sun Apr 6 23:55:38 EDT 2008

Thomas Whetston wrote:
> As far away as humanly possible, when I was a lowly partimer in the 
> 80s, the
> back door facing the parking lot would never close correctly.  So 
> since there was heat
> and benches inside we'd have the opportunity to meet a lot of the 
> downtown Lawrence
> illuminati.
> It was the only place I ever worked where big guys would ask if I'd 
> walk them to their
> car.
> Lawrence was always an adventure.  I've seen many 3rd world *holes and 
> it was one.
That was back in the 80's.  So much has changed since then. You might 
not recognize it now.

They're even talking about making Essex Street two-way again.

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