The Bright Lights Of Downtown Lawrence

Laurence Glavin
Sun Apr 6 14:09:54 EDT 2008

Here,I was, driving north on route 93 Saturdaay night, and I remembered that 
Chris and friends were supposed to be putting WLLH-AM 1400's Lawrence 
transmitter back on-the-air.  So I flipped my car radio's AM tuner to 
1400, and I could tell from the interference that I was picking up the Lowell
transmitter.  Just for fun, I thought I'd risk my life and go towards 
downtown Lawrence, perhaps to be there at the precise minute when 
approximately 700-foot-long electromagnetic waves would start spewing 
from the rooftop of 43 Amesbury Street.  Now, I must say there's are very
few more depressing sights than Downtown Lawrence at close to midnight...
no people around, nearly every buiilding dark as a coal mine duing an
eclipse of the moon...with ONE exception!  The lights were on on every
floor of the Cregg Building (if it's still called that) which told me
that work was being done on that cranky, old transmitter.  No evidence yet
that they have succeeded in completingh the work;  the only signal at 1:00 pm 
Sunday on 1400 was still emanating from Lowell.  Which raises the question:
considering the lack of amenities on Essex Street in Lawrence on weekends, where
do they go to eat during lunch breaks...Lawton's?

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