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A. Joseph Ross
Thu Apr 3 00:17:47 EDT 2008

On 2 Apr 2008 at 13:21, Doug Drown wrote:

> >Broadcasters weren't
> allowed to play records. When the musician's union lost that battle,
> it changed the face of the music business forever (and lined the
> pockets of the station owners).
> This must have been right around the time of the advent of rock 'n'
> roll. I'm 56 and can't remember any radio station that played live
> music of any kind, anywhere, except on very sporadic special
> occasions.  I started listening to the Top 40 on WBZ and WPTR in 1962,
> when I was 11.   -Doug

They were playing records on the radio much earlier than that.  The 
Lone Ranger's theme music was all recordings, and so were others I'm 
sure.  DJs existed well before the Rock & Roll era.  I remember Bill 
Hahn playing recorded music in the morning on WNAC when I was in 
kindergarden or first grade, and Bob Smith, not yet known as Buffalo 
Bob, was playing records on his morning show on WNBC in 1946.

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