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By the time I arrived in Boston (summer of '56), I'm pretty sure that
Tom Russell had taken over the MC duties on the WEEI (590) AM-drive
show. Carl Moore and the live music were still on with him, though
(just as Jess Cain on rival WHDH (850) co-hosted for the better part
of a year with the previous morning host, Ray Dory; their show was
called Dory and Cain). I believe that in that era, Moore also had his
own show (also with live music) on WEEI (maybe in the noon to 1:00PM
hour). I think maybe the live music ended first on WEEI and continued
for several more years on WHDH. Wasn't there a musician by the name of
Ken Greene (pianist, organist) on WHDH? Did he have a group called the
Park Squares? Seems to me that he might have had a program in the
6:00PM hour.

By the time I arrived in Boston, Bob and Ray had moved on from WHDH to
New York City, but the mainstays of the lineup, besides Dory and Cain
and Norm Nathan overnight, were Bob Clayton, Fred B Cole, and Roy
Leonard. Leonard's show was called the Two and Eight Date and it
appeared Monday thru Friday from 2:00 to 4:00PM and 8:00 to 10:00PM.
Leonard's split schedule was similar to Martin Block's (and later,
Jerry Marshall's) on WNEW (1130) in New York (10:00AM to noon; 5:35 to

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In reply to Doug's question - I do recall that years before the WBZ
Community Auditions, Gene Jones was heard on WEEI on the live morning
show which I think at that time was hosted by Carl Moore.  Gene was
part of a group  called "Gene Jones ands His Java Jivers" who were the
vocal group
on the show every morning.   This is strictly from my aging memory.
Perhaps Donna and others remember in greater detail.  I found myself
groping for facts when I interviewed Jon Provost on my show this week.
He, you may recall, was "Timmy" on the LASSIE show for 7 years.
You can hear (streaming 24/7) at:<>
now thru Saturday.   Tom Heathwood  4/2

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