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A. Joseph Ross
Mon Apr 7 00:38:13 EDT 2008

On 6 Apr 2008 at 20:39, Mark Watson wrote:

> > (I even remember Tommy Rettig, the first boy who was on "Lassie."  I
> > can't recall the name of the character he played, though.)
>    Jeff was his character name. "Jeff's Collie" was one of several
>    programs 
> that came to us on film on WMUR-TV Channel 9, Manchester either before
> or after Uncle Gus.

"Jeff's Collie" was the name of "Lassie" in syndication.  For some 
reason, in the 1950s, when reruns of a network program went into 
syndication, while the network show was still runnng, it had to have 
a different title.  So we had "Badge 714" , "Foreign Legionnaire" 
(Captain Gallant of the Foreign Legion), "Mayberry RFD" (Andy 
Griffith Show), and "Make Room for Daddy" (Danny Thomas Show).  This 
last was the show's original network title, but the network title had 
been changed by the time the earlier shows went into syndication.

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