New WNSH reception report (was: WPEP-AM Defunct)

Eli Polonsky
Mon Oct 29 15:14:08 EDT 2007

WNSH is definitely now on the air with a daytime power 
increase over what it was before, though it doesn't yet 
sound like the proposed 30 kW.

In my travels around greater Boston yesterday, it was 
loud and clear at Logan Airport, where their old signal 
used to come in, but very faintly.

Leaving the airport (the free "back way" to avoid paying 
tunnel tolls), it was still generally listenable, though 
fadey/noisy in spots, through the south sides of Chelsea 
and Everett, then Charlestown, Somerville, Cambridge, and 
into Allston, all areas where it generally could not be 
heard before. It gets spotty in some areas of downtown 
Boston where the tall concrete/steel buildings seem to 
do a number on it, and it seems to degrade quickly away
from the immediate coast.

It could be heard, though weakly, through inner western 
suburbs including Brookline, Brighton, Newton, Watertown, 
Waltham, etc.. out to Route 128, where it was very faint, 
but it did not exist at all before. Out in the Auburndale 
section of Newton near second adjacent 10 kW WNTN I could 
still make out what was being said on WNSH, just barely.

This was all on a late 1990s factory Delco cassette stereo.

It sounds like it still has a ways to go if it's going to 
be 30 kW ND. Lesser-powered North Shore AM signals such as 
WLYN and WESX are still stronger around greater Boston but 
it's an improvement. The old WNSH didn't even barely begin 
to exist on the dial until north of the Tobin Bridge.


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