It's Official: WPEP-AM Defunct

Laurence Glavin
Sun Oct 28 13:17:05 EDT 2007

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>That ship has sailed. WPEP was silenced to make way for Keating 
>Willcox's daytime power increase to 30 kW at WNSH.

>But to answer another question, the disappearance of WPEP's 
>nighttime 200-some watts doesn't do anything for WNSH at night. 
>That's because WPEP was a class D station, which received no 
>nighttime interference protection to begin with, thus creating no 
>holes at night by going away.>

>And even if WNSH didn't implement its power increase, there's no 
>way to get the WPEP facility back once it's been surrendered - they 
>don't issue new class D licenses now, and when they're gone, 
>they're gone.

As we all know, the FCC is now looking favorably on relatively
weak AM's adding FM translators.  If the WPEP tower remains in
place, could WVBF-AM put an FM antenna on it, possibly on either
96.5 or 94.9?  Taunton is a bit close to WERS-FM's translator 
on 96.5 on Pope's Island in New Bedford Harbor, but still what
separations does the FCC require for translators?  And that translator
is one channel uop from WRZE, 96.3 on Nantucket (planning to move to the
Cape itself) could a translator one channel down from WXTK-FM 95.1 
work in Taunton? 

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