Carr's latest legal moves

Don A
Tue Oct 23 03:17:16 EDT 2007

> but my response and views made no mention of anyone other than Howie
> and the contract things.  and as a subsequent post pondered, most
> current employment contracts contain exactly the same wording as that
> currently under court scrutiny.
> Dan B made this a Cary thing - not me.

> read the words carefully before you feel the need to take me to the
> woodshed.

Nobody is taking you to the woodshed.  No one is saying anything you posted 
is bad, wrong, or anything....

Doesn't matter who made it a "thing"....

What matters is something that goes along with your posts...spoken or 

Carey Pahigian can put you on the street if you write something nasty...even 
if it is true.

I would guess Dan Billings could care less about what Carey Pahigian 

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