Carr's latest legal moves
Tue Oct 23 02:52:48 EDT 2007

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> Except that Carey has direct control over your future
> employment.
> And if you wrote/posted something that bothered
> just might affect your future.
> So, one might understand that as background to your
> postings.
> I don't think Carey Pahigian can affect Dan Billings
> future, like he can yours.

but my response and views made no mention of anyone other than Howie 
and the contract things.  and as a subsequent post pondered, most 
current employment contracts contain exactly the same wording as that 
currently under court scrutiny.

Dan B made this a Cary thing - not me.

there have been occasions when i've spoken up specifically on Cary's 
behalf, and have done so with the previously acknowledged working 
relationships, both good and bad, fully disclosed.

read the words carefully before you feel the need to take me to the 


- - Chuck Igo

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