Bonneville is already using "Nightside" name

Roger Kirk
Tue Oct 2 16:36:28 EDT 2007

Dan.Strassberg wrote:
> ...but he is so slavishly bound to the clock and to not missing a
> post that I often find listening to On Point nerve wracking! I found
> the most refreshing On Point programs to be those hosted by John
> Hockenberry while Ashbrook was on vecation a year or so ago.
> Hockenberry doesn't have Ashbrook's million-dollar pipes, but there is
> nothing wrong with his voice; it's fine. AND he hit all of those posts
> without a sign of agitation and without urging a single caller (at
> least none that I heard) to get on with it "we have a break coming
> up."
My observations on Dan Rea after several weeks of listening during my 1+ 
hour commute
home from Chelmsford MA to Fremont, NH:

1. He has a tendency towards trying to squeeze in "just one more call" 
before the TOH. 
This invariably leads to one of 4 things:
a. Cutting the caller short - before he even gets his viewpoint stated 
or question asked.
b. Asking the caller to be brief - generally unsuccessful. Most callers' 
idea of brief is 5 minutes or so.
c. Holding the caller through the newscast - not possible if there's a 
guest/subject change.
d. Running late.

2. When he's passionate about a subject or when he's trying to steer a 
listener's thinking
toward his point of view, he has a tendency to speak very quickly and 
the pitch of his
voice goes way up.

3. Whenever he receives a first time caller, or a caller from outside of 
New England he
belabors the point of asking the caller to listen to WBZ on the Web 
and/or lock his radio's
dial setting into the vehicle's pushbuttons - almost to the point of 

4. He has had his share of conspiracy theorists calling in the past 3 
weeks.  Some he had to cut off. 
Others he engaged in what seemed to be endless, fruitless exchanges of 
diametrically opposed viewpoints.
He seems to get caught up in arguing with them.  They interrupt him, he 
interrupts them.  That has led to
requests for callers not to engage in wackazoid, off-the-wall viewpoints 
and stick to mainstream discourse.
It appears he doesn't handle seriously dissenting callers with elegance, 
panache & flair.  It's possible that
call screening is an issue, but I am under the impression that the 
producer is the same as with Paul Sullivan.

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