Bonneville is already using "Nightside" name

Tue Oct 2 15:30:56 EDT 2007

Well, Ashbrook certainly doesn't deal in invective. So that part is
true, but he is so slavishly bound to the clock and to not missing a
post that I often find listening to On Point nerve wracking! I found
the most refreshing On Point programs to be those hosted by John
Hockenberry while Ashbrook was on vecation a year or so ago.
Hockenberry doesn't have Ashbrook's million-dollar pipes, but there is
nothing wrong with his voice; it's fine. AND he hit all of those posts
without a sign of agitation and without urging a single caller (at
least none that I heard) to get on with it "we have a break coming
up." I said to myself, "this guy is REALLY talented." Within the last
week or so, I read that Hockenberry has landed a new gig at some major
public radio station--WNYC, maybe. My reaction was "good for him but
too bad for us." I was hoping he'd wind up in Boston. IIRC, the item
mentioned the time at which the new program will air and it did not
seem as though it would fit into the schedule of either WBUR or

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> From: "Dan.Strassberg"
>> For me, Sully's voice and grating eastern Mass regional accent got
>> completely in the way of my appreciating anything worthwhile he
>> might
>> have had to say.
> His accent was part of his charm...and authenticity.
>> But, at the risk of incurring the wrath of his many
>> fans on this list, I thought that Brudnoy was simply horrific!
>>    ... whereas all they did were reveal his boorishness and
>> arrogance.
> A Phd. give you a certain amount of license to be arrogant.  ;-)
>> Heaven knows, we need less inflammatory rhetoric and a more
>> rational approach to issue-oriented talk. Rea may be offering just
>> that; time will tell. If, indeed, calm reason is what Rea offers
>> us,
>> not only he, but also 'BZ management, will deserve kudos for
>> responsible use of the license for New England's best AM facility.
> Well, Tom Ashbrook does exactly that on WBUR...and is considered by
> many to be boring.
> People say they desire calm rational issue-oriented talk...but the
> ratings don't show they really use/want it.

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