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I'm not  sure I'd quite put it that way, but I also see him as a break 
from the way  nights have been done on WBZ.  David Brudnoy & Paul 
Sullivan were  just more "folksy" (not really the right word, but the 
only one that comes  to mind right now), where Dan seems to have a 
harder edged,  let's-get-to-the-point approach.  I'll probably still 
tune in if I'm  on the road at night, but he definitely has a 
different style than his  predecessors.

I think Paul was very folksy.  He also had a good sense of humor and a  keen 
wit.  Budnoy was more intellectual.  Dan Rhea is very  bland.  Nice enough, 
smart enough, competent but nothing that sets him  apart or makes him engaging.  
Personally, I would have enjoyed hearing Steve L. on earlier in  evenings.  
Jordan is also good when he talks
issues and politics.  Jordan unfortunately has seemingly non stop  boring 
Well, there is a chance Dan will develop a bit of personality as he settles  

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