Bonneville is already using "Nightside" name

Rob Trovato
Mon Oct 1 23:04:12 EDT 2007

--- wrote:

> Dan Rhea is...
> Nice enough, 
> smart enough, competent but nothing that sets him 
> apart or makes him engaging.  

I would agree.  Nice enough, smart enough, competent

When I think about what he might lack on the air, I
would say 'charm' or 'charisma'.

But that may be due to the only real place he has had
to regularly showcase himself over the years to the
public was in news reporting...where you don't get to
express much of yourself, your thoughts or

I can't quite see anyone using the word "compelling"
when thinking about Dan Rea on the radio.

However, this may be the chance for him to show those
other aspects of his personality.

FWIW...Everyone I know who has met Dan Rea (in person)
has liked him.  I think he is a like-able fellow in
'real life'.


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