WODS & WROR Flip To All Christmas

Maureen Carney m_carney@yahoo.com
Wed Nov 14 17:23:10 EST 2007

>From personal experience with sports television (6 years doing traffic for Celtics games and sports news) the auto, fast food, movie/DVD and casino advertisers are the most aggressive. We don't have a lot of beer or ED stuff - they tend to buy on a national level. 

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Garrett Wollman wrote:
> There's only so many spot breaks consisting of three beer ads, three car ads, one for a sporting-goods store, and two drug ads before you start wanting to smash your television.  (Particularly the drug ads, which are uniformly awful.)
Smash your television?  Garrett, you should ask your doctor if Zoloft is 
right for you!

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