More Boston-area brokered-time AMs

Scott Fybush
Fri Nov 9 09:49:07 EST 2007

Dan Strassberg wrote:
> Conceivably. When CKOC is operating per its license (I have no information
> that it fails to change patterns at sunset, but this is a common problem
> with Canadians, of which 1150 used to have many) CKOC allegedly interferes
> with WTTT (or whatever its calls were when you heard the interference),
> mostly in areas north of Boston. Some other nearby Canadians on 1150 were in
> Ottawa, the Gaspe region of QC, and St Johns NS. St Johns moved to 700
> decades ago and recently moved to FM. Nevertheless, like nearly all now-dark
> Canadian AM allocations, 1150 in St Johns remains internationally notified
> and hence must be protected by US 1150s. However, as long as those
> allocations remain dark (presumably for eternity, though one never knows),
> they don't cause interference.

If Dan's entitled to a bit of glee in catching me out in an error, the 
least I can do is to return a nitpick...the city in New Brunswick (not 
Nova Scotia!) is "Saint John," always spelled out in full and never with 
a possessive.

The idea, though it obviously doesn't work so well south of the border, 
is to alleviate confusion with St. John's, Newfoundland, which is always 
abbreviated and which always does carry the possessive.

Dan's basic points are, of course, solid: while WTTT has to protect the 
defunct Canadians, it's at least not receiving any real-world 
interference from them.

As for CKOC, it sounds from here (100 miles or so away) as though it 
makes the switch at sunset.


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