More Boston-area brokered-time AMs

Roger Kolakowski
Fri Nov 9 09:29:18 EST 2007

With the recently reported passing of Otto Miller, has anyone heard the
fates of his two brokered stations, WESX and WJDA?

The attempted move of WESX to the WLYN tower with a requested change of COL
to Saugus (including a waiver from COL coverage) doesn't seem to have taken
place and WESX is sounding just as well as it always had (abiet audio
deficiencies during some of the "feeds")

I was told Marblehead withdrew it's request for funds during town meeting
which would have been used to develop the Naugus Head space as a town park.

As for recent discussion about it's coverage in relationship to WNSH, I
actually observed the "unearthing" and repair of WESX's Ground system 6
months prior to the sale and can report that it has been returned to
original specifications after it was discovered lightning and corrosion had
opened up the leads to the copper base straps surving as the origin of the

Give the tower a paintjob and a lightbulb and it would be Scott could
feature it on a cover.


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