More Boston-area brokered-time AMs

Dan Strassberg
Fri Nov 9 09:03:02 EST 2007

Conceivably. When CKOC is operating per its license (I have no information
that it fails to change patterns at sunset, but this is a common problem
with Canadians, of which 1150 used to have many) CKOC allegedly interferes
with WTTT (or whatever its calls were when you heard the interference),
mostly in areas north of Boston. Some other nearby Canadians on 1150 were in
Ottawa, the Gaspe region of QC, and St Johns NS. St Johns moved to 700
decades ago and recently moved to FM. Nevertheless, like nearly all now-dark
Canadian AM allocations, 1150 in St Johns remains internationally notified
and hence must be protected by US 1150s. However, as long as those
allocations remain dark (presumably for eternity, though one never knows),
they don't cause interference.

When what was then WCOP moved to Lexington around 1940, US AMs were supposed
to deliver 25 mV/m to the "central business district" of their CoL. That
nebulous term was later redefined as the main Post Office. In Boston, I
believe that's the South Postal Annex near South Station. Sometime in the
80s, I think, the requirement was relaxed to 5 mV/m by day over the entire
CoL and, by night, the greater of 5 mV/m or the NIF contour over the
residences of at least 80% of the population of the CoL.

WCOP and its successors never met the 25 mV/m rule. The signal at the South
Postal Annex is ~15 mV/m. WCOP received a waiver of this requirement. I
believe, however, that WTTT does meet the current 5 mV/m/NIF requirement.

Dan Strassberg,
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> > However, despite having a signal that is much maligned by people who
> > mostly don't know what they are talking about, WTTT covers the market
> > fairly
> > well day and night.
> Dan,
> The WTTT signal appears to be pretty reliable both day and night within rt
> 128.
> However, in years past, when I spent more time listening in Downtown
> I remember hearing some other station at night behind WTTT battling it
> This was within the COL...all over Boston proper.
> Since WTTT was running a talk format, it was easy to hear during the
> some other station in the background.
> Could/would this be CKOC?

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