Don A donald_astelle@yahoo.com
Thu Nov 8 14:20:00 EST 2007

I had the opportunity earlier this week to drive from northern Vermont into 
Boston and used it as a chance to check out the new daytime signal for WNSH. 
(It's always interesting to see how a 'proposed' facility upgrade actually 
turns out!)

I started to pick up the signal just south on Manchester at Rts 93/293.

The signal strength increased as I got closer to the Mass/NH border...but 
when I entered Massachusetts, I was surprised at how bad the signal was.

Judging from this map:


   ...WNSH should have been a reliable signal once I crossed the border. 
ANd while the signal was "there"....I could hear some station in the 
background fighting it out with them.  (Whats the next nearest station I 
would pick up on 1570AM during the day? I don't have my database with me.)

Once I crossed over 128/95 the signal was very usable and very reliable (as 
the map indicates it should be), and stayed that way until I got into 
downtown Boston traffic.

While it appears the intended directional pattern is going where it out to 
be, I am surprised the signal wasn't as reliable and useful in the areas 
just outside it's primary contours.

Someone on the list said there is an issue with ground/soil conuctivity?

I hope there are more conversations with the consulting engineers before 
this is considered a "done deal".

While this no doubt gives WNSH a stronger signal in their 
hometown/COL....and a stronger signal coverage to the north (Gloucester, 
etc.)...it doesn't appear to have given them the added area that I imagined 
from reading the documentation.

I think some field test readings should be on the to-do list.

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