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As I see it, the advantage that WCRN would derive from recalculation, if it
were permitted in this case, is that it would prevent upgrades by other
stations from increasing WCRN's NIF to more than the lower figure that you
calculated. Suppose WNYC wanted a night power increase. (I'm sure they want
one but that's another thread.) Because first-adjacents now figure into NIF
calculations, a meaningful increase might not be possible with the lower NIF
but might be possiible with the 10.289 mV/m NIF. Obviously, the absence of
CFJR benefits WCRN (and probably WEEU). But the inability to make the
benefit official reduces the value of the benefit--especially if the owner
wanted to "monetize" the benefit by selling the station. Ed note: I have
absolutely no indication that the Carberry's have any interest in selling

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> <<On Fri, 9 Nov 2007 09:28:18 -0500, "Dan Strassberg"
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> > notified. Although as long as it remains dark, it causes no interference
> > WCRN, no US AM 830 can apply for a recalculated NIF as long as the
> > international notification remains on the books.
> Is WCRN actually better off with CFJR gone but still officially
> notified than it would be with CFJR off the books?
> -GAWollman

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