WNSH-AM Sometimes Inaudible

Bob Nelson raccoonradio@mail.com
Wed May 23 11:36:46 EDT 2007

I haven't heard how WNSH's planned power increase is going but they seem to be back
to normal; just checked now (a mile away from them); Laura Ingraham is on and
volume is fine. Also fine last night around 5 pm up in Peabody.
The CP expires next April

day pattern under CP:

A quick websearch turns up a newspaper article (Taunton Gazette) and a Scott Fybush NorthEast
Radio Watch from around April 2005 saying that WPEP going dark would be a 
pre-requisite but the GM of WPEP was discounting the idea it would happen.
(But the WPEP owner was said to be co-operating with the possible "dark" status...)

Not sure how accurate it is, but radio-locator lists WPEP as being owned
by Anastos Media but the address listed is Longmeadow Way in Hamilton;
that would be where WNSH owner Keating Willcox has WNSH...

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