WNSH-AM Sometimes Inaudible

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Wed May 23 10:08:36 EDT 2007

What happened to WNSH's plans for a substantial power increase ?  Is 
that still on track ?

I think it was 50 kW daytime and still relative peanut-power at night 
to protect the Montreal area station.

Implicit in this scheme was taking WPEP Taunton dark.

Mark Connelly - Billerica, MA

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>When I drive home around 3 am, they've got a dead air signal here
>in Beverly. Right now (Sat. night)
>Antonio is doing his "Radio Minestrone" show and it's very soft
>with a loud buzz in background.

>> but to get any kind of program at all, it's necessary to turn up
>> the volume...

I'm a mile away from them...

The time-frame to which I was referring was during the middle of the
day; WNSH's nighttime signal is V-E-R-Y limited.  The "radio silence"
was in effect as late as noon today (05/21).
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