Adventure Car Hop is the Place to Go

Howard Glazer
Fri May 18 09:09:52 EDT 2007

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> Today if a song is
> a monster hit, stations will continue to play it, even for several
> months, until it's completely burned out.  Moving these songs to
> "recurrent" status gets the most life out of those hits as possible. In
> AC radio, their huge hits can chart for a year or longer, and can hang
> around as recurrents for at least as long after that.  I remember
> "Because You Loved Me"  by Celine Dion was a recurrent at AC radio for
> a few YEARS after it's chart run had ended.

Natasha Bedingfield's "Unwritten" is doing the same thing today .. released
in 2005, still a major presence at AC radio two years later. I remember
reading a story on a British media website in which Bedingfield expressed
her frustration with American radio: She'd already had three or four singles
after "Unwritten" that had become big hits in England and much of Europe,
but her label had been unsuccessful in getting America's radio playlist
consultants to let go of "Unwritten" and nobody wanted to put two songs by
the same artist in the rotation.


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