Adventure Car Hop is the Place to Go

Roger Kirk
Fri May 18 00:54:06 EDT 2007


True, but in the 60's, announcers actually referred to them as "extras" 
on air.  It was not an inside-only term.


David Tomm wrote:
> That still happens today, except they're called "recurrents" instead of 
> "extras."  Songs drop off the chart, but they are still familiar to the 
> audience.   
> On May 15, 2007, at 9:42 PM, Roger Kirk wrote:
>> A common practice at Portland stations in the 60's (WJAB, Westbrook 
>> comes to mind) was the name "Extra" to denote a song that had dropped 
>> off the Top 30, but was still playable for a little while longer 
>> before it finally went to sleep for a while before finally being 
>> resurrected as an Oldie.  Kinda like the opposite of a Hitbound.
>> When Sunny Joe White was at Kiss, they used to drop songs from airplay 
>> completely after they had their Top 30 run and kept them buried for 
>> just the right amount of time (usually a year or more) before bringing 
>> them back to a listener's "Oh Wow" welcome back.

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