Chart life (was: Adventure Car Hop is the Place to Go)

Steve Ordinetz
Fri May 18 10:28:39 EDT 2007

Howard Glazer wrote...
> Natasha Bedingfield's "Unwritten" is doing the same thing today ..
> released
> in 2005, still a major presence at AC radio two years later. I remember
> reading a story on a British media website in which Bedingfield expressed
> her frustration with American radio: She'd already had three or four
> singles
> after "Unwritten" that had become big hits in England and much of Europe,
> but her label had been unsuccessful in getting America's radio playlist
> consultants to let go of "Unwritten" and nobody wanted to put two songs by
> the same artist in the rotation.

We have kind of gone from one extreme to another over the years haven't
we?  To think that "Hey Jude" only spent 8 weeks on WRKO's "Now 30" back
in 1968.

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