St-Johnsbury Vermont

Howard Glazer
Tue May 15 12:11:42 EDT 2007

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> ...and, there is only ONE "St. Johnsbury" in America, and that's in
> Vermont's "Northeast Kingdom" (yup, that's what they call it up
> there.....a Kingdom).
> Of course, the legendary St. Johnsbury Trucking Company has moved to
> North Conway, NH leaving "Saint Jay" (that's also what they call it "up
> there" - geographically speaking) and changing their truck logo to an
> awful yellow and blue color scheme.

I thought St. Johnsbury (the trucking company) went belly-up several years
ago. Is this new company being run by some group that bought up the old
company's assets, or is it the old company trying to make a new start?


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