St-Johnsbury Vermont

Cooper Fox
Tue May 15 17:46:44 EDT 2007

> Of course, the legendary St. Johnsbury Trucking
> Company has moved to 
> North Conway, NH leaving "Saint Jay" (that's also
> what they call it "up 
> there" - geographically speaking) and changing their
> truck logo to an 
> awful yellow and blue color scheme.

When did they move?  Haven't seen their trucks around

> I think that Don Mullally still does the morning
> show on the former 
> WTWN, now WSTJ 1340AM co-hosting with his daughter
> Lynda.  He's been 
> there since the 1960's when I worked with him. 

My wife and I had the pleasure of staying at Vermont's
Taj Mahal(it's what they call their comfort inn) a few
months ago.  There is, for that area, some pretty good
radio.  Like Magic 97-7, for example.  Obviously
automated on the weekends, but still very local(the
Waitt Radio Network, maybe).  A little further
south(and on the NH side of the border) there are a
couple stations who have the potential to be great,
but definately need some work.  Like the hit music
station we were listening to who had a 25%/75% 
hit/stiff ration.

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