Adventure Car Hop is the Place to Go

Brian Vita
Tue May 15 08:13:53 EDT 2007

I remember at a young age (13-14) going with some group, most likely a 
school field trip, to WMEX 1510 back when it was on Broadway.  The "dog" 
album that they gave me as a freebe was Nicky Hopkins "The Tin Man was a 
Dreamer". (1973) I still have it.

Brian Vita

David Tomm wrote:
> Heck, that was going on as recently as several years ago, when I was 
> still working in commercial radio.  When stations didn't have a lot of 
> swag to give away at an appearance, they would bring along their "box 
> of crap" (EVERY music station had one) which included cassettes, CD 
> singles of chart stiffs and full length discs from artists with one 
> minor hit on it.  I never liked to hand that stuff out because most 
> listeners would leave disappointed.  To me it wasn't worth it to send 
> a listener away from a remote unhappy.  It usually meant losing them 
> as a listener and/or the client losing them as a customer.

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