Adventure Car Hop is the Place to Go

David Tomm
Tue May 15 01:14:20 EDT 2007

Heck, that was going on as recently as several years ago, when I was 
still working in commercial radio.  When stations didn't have a lot of 
swag to give away at an appearance, they would bring along their "box 
of crap" (EVERY music station had one) which included cassettes, CD 
singles of chart stiffs and full length discs from artists with one 
minor hit on it.  I never liked to hand that stuff out because most 
listeners would leave disappointed.  To me it wasn't worth it to send a 
listener away from a remote unhappy.  It usually meant losing them as a 
listener and/or the client losing them as a customer.

Nowadays in the digital file-sharing era, labels don't like to give 
stations free product for giveaways anymore.

-Dave Tomm
"Mike Thomas"

On May 14, 2007, at 11:05 PM, Donald A. wrote:

>> My older sister and cousins quickly
>> took the record from
>> the order and were extremely disappointed with the
>> record we had received.
>> Unfortunately, I don't remember what the record was.
>>  But I do remember that
>> we never went back to Adventure Car Hop.
> I remember that a LOT of stations would (try to) give
> away old crappy promo records that never made it to
> the "hitbound" chart.
> I remember a station I was at giving away "6-packs' of
> singles....5 of which were dog songs that never made
> it.

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