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Matthew Osborne
Tue May 15 13:37:06 EDT 2007

On Mon, 14 May 2007 20:05:27 "Donald A."
<> wrote:

> I remember that a LOT of stations would (try to)
> give
> away old crappy promo records that never made it to
> the "hitbound" chart.
> I remember a station I was at giving away "6-packs'
> of
> singles....5 of which were dog songs that never made
> it.

Interesting enough, while a student at Herkimer County
Community College and one of the music directors at
WVHC (their college station), I found myself in the
very position you describe here with all of the crappy
promo records/CDs we got that we chose not to air. 
However, I went against the grain and refused to give
them away because of a conversation I had with a
former music director at the local CHR station there
(WRCK 107.3 Utica before it flipped to Classic Rock). 
He told me that by giving that stuff away, you would
actually leave a bad impression in the listener's mind
[these guys give away crap] and your station name
would become associated with bad music.  Although I
took a lot of heat from others at WVHC that tried to
make me give that stuff away (it really piled up in
our library since I really didn't know what else to do
with it and the only responses I got from everyone
else there was to 'give it away'), I still do believe
firmly in that principle.  My guess is that most
stations that did give-aways like that were generally
small market.

                              Matt Osborne
                              Schenectady, NY

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