Would syndicating WEEI in northern New England work?

Dan Strassberg dan.strassberg@att.net
Mon May 14 13:26:33 EDT 2007

You've seen those posters--kinda 3D maps, with Boston at the bottom center,
128 a little more than half way up, 495 about 80% of the way up, and
California right near the top? That's obviously where Bob is coming from.
But what do you expect from the Hub of the Universe? You mean there's
another Burlington in New England? And it's in Vermont??? You're kidding,
right? What does a place with all cows want with a nice place name like
Burlington? Burlington knows its place--and it's right on Route 128.

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> Bob Nelson wrote:
> > You'd have a more New England-based sports product.
> > Anybody in NH? (Though I think WEEI's regular signal carries well into
Manchester/Concord). Portland?
> > Other areas? I'd think Jason Wolfe might be considering that...
> >
> >
> It seems to make sense in theory.  One thing I am catching onto here in
> Vermont (took me seven years to figure it out) is that while there are
> ardent Sox/Celts/Pats fans here, not all things-Boston translate here
> with equal vigor.  That seems to be particularly true in the Champlain
> Valley which shares the lake with New York State.  Is it the accent? ;-)
> Likewise, I wouldn't expect Mike & the Mad Dog (WFAN) to fly here that
> well, a decidedly NYC product (also heard on WROW 590 Albany, a rim-shot
> to parts of the area).
> Vermonters have become accustomed to national talk with very few
> exceptions.  I'm not so sure that a southern New England point of view
> (inside 128) would leave for much syrup after the sap's done boiling.
> Bill O'Neill

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