Would syndicating WEEI in northern New England work?

Bill O'Neill me@billoneill.us
Mon May 14 12:51:01 EDT 2007

Bob Nelson wrote:
> You'd have a more New England-based sports product.
> Anybody in NH? (Though I think WEEI's regular signal carries well into Manchester/Concord). Portland?
> Other areas? I'd think Jason Wolfe might be considering that...

It seems to make sense in theory.  One thing I am catching onto here in 
Vermont (took me seven years to figure it out) is that while there are 
ardent Sox/Celts/Pats fans here, not all things-Boston translate here 
with equal vigor.  That seems to be particularly true in the Champlain 
Valley which shares the lake with New York State.  Is it the accent? ;-) 

Likewise, I wouldn't expect Mike & the Mad Dog (WFAN) to fly here that 
well, a decidedly NYC product (also heard on WROW 590 Albany, a rim-shot 
to parts of the area).

Vermonters have become accustomed to national talk with very few 
exceptions.  I'm not so sure that a southern New England point of view 
(inside 128) would leave for much syrup after the sap's done boiling.

Bill O'Neill

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