Would syndicating WEEI in northern New England work?

Sean Smyth sean.smyth@yahoo.com
Mon May 14 12:49:51 EDT 2007

Bob Nelson <raccoonradio@mail.com> wrote:
> You'd have a more New England-based sports product.
> Anybody in NH? (Though I think WEEI's regular signal carries well
> into Manchester/Concord). 

WEEI's signal is not very stellar where I live in Nashua. It's
passable, but get within 20 feet of a big-time power line, and forget
about it. 

I've always thought that if WOKQ was willing to part with 103.7, which
overlaps a decent bit with the main stick's coverage area IIRC, that
would be a good simulcast partner for WEEI. 103.7's signal is
gangbusters from Manchester on north, as I recall.

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