Low cost remote stereo feed to FM station

SteveOrdinetz hykker@wildblue.net
Tue May 8 22:22:39 EDT 2007

Aaron Read wrote:
>At WBRS lately we've had a Barix Instreamer serve as the webcast 
>encoder source - encoding a feed off the mix board (and through an 
>EQ & Alesis compressor) and sending it off to Live365.com to be 
>"served" out to the public internet.   Eventually a regular computer 
>will resume that encoder function and the Instreamer will be paired 
>with an Exstreamer to serve as a backup STL across the campus LAN.
>The Barix boxes are remarkably stable, both in normal operation 
>(there's no OS to crash like Windows) and in terms of getting audio 
>reliably across the internet.  I've see favorable reviews from other 
>public radio stations using them for similar purposes, too.

I use a pair to get local sports feeds between a couple of my 
stations.  They do sound good...the only problem I've had is that I 
have to power-cycle the Exstreamer every couple weeks...all 
indications look normal, but no audio.  Not a big deal...the board op 
at the receive end knows what to do & I've never had one crash during 
a broadcast.  You can also use Winamp to play back a stream.

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