Low cost remote stereo feed to FM station

Dave Doherty dave@skywaves.net
Mon May 7 19:47:35 EDT 2007

I used the Barix Exstreamer and Instreamer to set up an STL for a low power 
station, and they are nothing short of fabulous. This station has DSL at the 
studio and FiOS at the transmitter. You can set up a network with one 
encoder and up to eight decoders. The decoders, of course, can be anywhere 
in the world, so they are ideal for small distributed networks of 
transmitters or translators.

They do use a *nix OS. Admin is by a web interface, so I can VPN into either 
end and check on things. The construction is very solid. Security seems 
adequate, and I came away very impressed overall. One encoder and one 
decoder cost $613 from BGS.

-Dave Doherty
 Skywaves, Inc.
 97 Webster Street
 Worcester, MA 01603

> The Barix boxes are remarkably stable, both in normal operation (there's 
> no OS to crash like Windows) and in terms of getting audio reliably across 
> the internet.

>> I have been trying to figure out what a low-cost solution to sending
> high fidelity stereo "sans" POTS hum and noise to the broadcast station
> might be.  > 

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