IBOC not entirely useless after all....

Garrett Wollman wollman@bostonradio.org
Sat May 5 21:24:37 EDT 2007

This afternoon I went down to You Blew It! and picked up a Sangean
HDT-1 to add to my home listening post.  Some observations, using only
the supplied antennas:

1) The HDT-1 does do RD(B)S, although this feature is not advertised.
>From a distance, it's hard to tell the difference between HD PAD and
RDS, except that there's no HD equivalent (yet) of "scrolling PS".

2) It thinks WSRS is KAAJ.  The only other Worcester station to come
in with decent signal quality is WAAF.

3) I was able to get most, but not all, of the VHF-HD signals I know
about.  MW reception, both analogue and digital, with the provided
3-inch plastic loop was very poor, and the receiver was not able to
get a lock on WBZ's digital signal (although it could identify that it
was there).

4) The tuner wasn't able to lock on WZLX's digital signal, but kept
trying, with the display flashing back and forth between the analogue
and HD modes.  It also had trouble with WMJX, but the rest of the Pru
signals were fine.  No WERS, either, although it was (mostly) able to
decode the RDS on 88.9 so I would think I should be getting enough

5) WGBH's delay is set wrong.  On the other hand, I've never been able
to get WGBH in stereo before, so maybe IBOC is good for something.

6) WKLB-FM's HD2 program type is still set to "Classical", which is
not quite the same thing as "Classic country".

7) WXRV is running RDS now.


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