IBOC not entirely useless after all....

Brian Vita brian_vita@cssinc.com
Sun May 6 00:47:29 EDT 2007

May we inquire as to what You Screw Em is charging for this little gem?


Garrett Wollman wrote:
> This afternoon I went down to You Blew It! and picked up a Sangean
> HDT-1 to add to my home listening post.  Some observations, using only
> the supplied antennas:
> 1) The HDT-1 does do RD(B)S, although this feature is not advertised.
> >From a distance, it's hard to tell the difference between HD PAD and
> RDS, except that there's no HD equivalent (yet) of "scrolling PS".
> 2) It thinks WSRS is KAAJ.  The only other Worcester station to come
> in with decent signal quality is WAAF.
> 3) I was able to get most, but not all, of the VHF-HD signals I know
> about.  MW reception, both analogue and digital, with the provided
> 3-inch plastic loop was very poor, and the receiver was not able to
> get a lock on WBZ's digital signal (although it could identify that it
> was there).
> 4) The tuner wasn't able to lock on WZLX's digital signal, but kept
> trying, with the display flashing back and forth between the analogue
> and HD modes.  It also had trouble with WMJX, but the rest of the Pru
> signals were fine.  No WERS, either, although it was (mostly) able to
> decode the RDS on 88.9 so I would think I should be getting enough
> signal.
> 5) WGBH's delay is set wrong.  On the other hand, I've never been able
> to get WGBH in stereo before, so maybe IBOC is good for something.
> 6) WKLB-FM's HD2 program type is still set to "Classical", which is
> not quite the same thing as "Classic country".
> 7) WXRV is running RDS now.
> -GAWollman

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